Being Productive When You Are Online

During your free time, either after work or during the weekends, how often do you end up spending an embarrassing amount time getting into a rabbit hole of videos or articles? For me, I have been known to venture into a rabbit hole of watching old Duke basketball highlights for longer than I am willing to admit. I have watched the “Miracle Minute” ( from a Duke vs. Maryland game from 2001 hundreds of times over the years. Whatever your “rabbit hole subject” is, it can end with you wasting hours of valuable time on any given day. By taking advantage of your free time and getting the most out of your browsing, you will be able to accomplish goals that you thought you didn’t have the time for. You can even save time and earn money along the way! Here are a few ways to wisely use your web time.

Review Your Finances

Check your online statements to balance your bank accounts and credit cards. This will help ensure that your budget is on track for the month. While you’re at it, you can also pay your bills and check in on your investments.

Organize Your Computer

Organize the files on your computer so that you can be more productive at work. You can also run computer cleaners to clear away junk files, free up space, and even increase computer speed.

Take a Class

Online classes span an endless range of topics. They can help you learn a new skill or explore an original hobby. You can even study for a certification in your field to advance your career and help you seek new employment. Whether you want to learn something new or would like to improve your craft, anything can be accomplished with online courses. If you don’t want to sign up for a course, consider finding an e-book that highlights your new skills. For example, you could learn how to code or how to read more efficiently. Not everybody can master coding, but if it’s something that interests you, there are endless free resources to get you started. Spend some time on sites like Codecademy during your free time if you’d like to build a website or learn to decipher code. You can learn to speed read using free online apps like Spreeder. This can save you time, help you read faster, and increase your productivity.


Spend some time fixing up your LinkedIn page and reach out to colleagues and contacts. This can improve your working relationships and help you find a new job when you need one. Who knows, you may actually set a time to have a coffee with that friend you have been meaning to for the past couple of years.

Hopefully, by pursuing one of these activities when you are online, you will become more productive. Whatever you do end of doing, just make sure of one thing: HAVE FUN!By Cameron Yusko