Personal Financial Solutions

Here at Client Focused Advisors, we take the time to determine what makes you and your financial needs unique. We discuss family, priorities, goals, and a timeline for getting there. As independent advisors we have access to many options and build personalized solutions. Our areas of expertise include:


Life Insurance

Protecting your family and their lifestyle in the event of an untimely death.

Disability Income Insurance

Protecting your current income stream and future earnings in the event that an accident or illness prevents you from working

Long-Term Care Insurance

Protecting your assets from the rising costs of long-term care and enhancing your independence to receive care in the setting you prefer.

Estate Planning

Our estate planning services will help you preserve what you have worked hard to build and plan for the distribution of your assets to heirs.



Taking advantage of your opportunities for growth while minimizing the impact of inflation, taxes and market fluctuations. Some investments include Mutual Funds, Annuities, and Professionally Managed Accounts.

Retirement Planning

Providing you with the necessary retirement savings strategies and tools to help guide you towards a comfortable and sustainable retirement.

College Savings Planning

Crafting a strategy to help you meet the rising costs of an education can be difficult, but we have the tools and experience to help you create a smart college savings plan.