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South Florida is home to some of the country’s biggest self-made millionaires, and Boca Raton is no exception. 

If you already live here, then you already knew that. Welcome to Client Focused Advisors, your financial planners in the Boca Raton Area.

About Jason Hill – President of Client Focused Advisors

An experienced financial advisor, Jason Hill is the founder of Client Focused Advisors, LLC, a financial advisory firm and securities and insurance provider that operates out of New York, New Jersey, and Boca Raton in Florida. He currently serves the company as its President.

Hill’s effective approach to financial advisory includes the integration of financial education and the framing of tailored-fit financial solutions for each of his clients.

Jason Hill graduated from the University of Delaware with a bachelor’s degree in Finance. He has a Financial Services Specialist (FSS) designation which he received from The American College of Financial Services, a topnotch financial services education institution that has produced many financial professionals.

Raised in Port Washington in New York, Jason Hill loves sports, poker, and boating. He also likes to spend his free time vacationing with his wife, Julia, his son, Westin, and his daughter, Kennedy.

A Little About Boca Raton

Dubbed as South Florida’s Beverly Hills, Boca (as locals would call it), is a veritable enclave of the moneyed gentry who proudly transformed this erstwhile sleepy, agricultural community into a luxurious locale since the 1920s—an opportune time when the land boom and vibrant tourism spawned a generation of entrepreneurial giants who eventually carved its future as a posh, ultra-luxury-real-estate in the southeastern coast of Florida.

Addison Mizner himself, the famed Boca Raton main architect, spoused this city’s vision of what he called “the rendezvous of the rich.” Today, Boca Raton is one of the country’s millionaire capitals; a rich retirees’ and entrepreneurs haven and a hub for the affluent.

A quick look at Boca gives one an impression of a trendy city where Mizner’s touch remains indelible in its pale pastel-colored buildings with red barrel tile roofs, arches, and columns; a Spanish-Moorish colonial architectural style that dresses most of the old structures’ stucco walls, from the Boca Raton Resort & Club to the Administration buildings in East Camino Real.

Backdropped by scenic beaches and upscale facilities, Boca Raton offers both the charm of fashionable southern living and the glitz and glamour of a ritzy suburban life where big-city amenities are easily within reach. The city’s parks, trendy restaurants, high-end shopping centers, and private golf courses have always been ideal getaway venues, while the booming economic market serves as a magnet for business and entrepreneurship.

Dotted with grand gated communities and high-end properties, Boca Raton has enough robust redoubts to keep itself out of reach of the average hoi polloi. Beyond the plush mansions, villas, and condos that are worth millions, this is a city where the median household income is at $72,970 and where the price of an average home fetches at $381,600.

If you’re planning to live in Boca Raton, wealth management is as important as having a fortune itself.

Money Management in Boca Raton

Boca Raton is a city that can be synonymous to wealth, but whether you only have a modest fortune or a true-blue member of the most elite, it is recommended to have sound financial planning strategies. Taking care of your savings and investments and making sure that your business stays strong should be your main priority.

Even if you’re a retiree with enough money to live and enjoy the rest of your days in Boca, the rate of your spending will influence how you will enjoy your hard-earned nest egg and for how long. The last thing you need is to find your savings and investment portfolio slowly getting depleted; or worse, to see it gone. You don’t want to outlive your savings and have to start tapping into your investments. You’ve already worked for your money, now it’s time to let the money work for you.

Florida is a wealthy-friendly state, thanks in large part to the generous tax breaks, but never lose sight of the fact that even if you’re well-heeled, you can’t afford to lose money on a whim. But if you’re prepared enough and have a better perspective on what you aim to do, then Boca Raton is a good place to be.

Why Having a Good Financial Advisor Could Help

Most of us like to think that we can manage our own finances. In some cases, you can.  But whether you’re in Boca for business or it’s your way of riding off into the sunset, what’s certain is money will be spent.

And if you a have a sizable number of assets, a loaded investment portfolio, and a great amount of savings, then it is very important to keep them protected so you can strive to be in better shape, financially. And there’s no better way to help achieve this than by hiring a professional financial advisor who can evaluate your expenses, see where you stand financially, and assist you in making sure that your money is spent and invested the right way.

Don’t forget that regardless of your financial status, having a professional on your side who can help you preserve your financial well-being is very important. A good financial advisor can help you plan your finances so you can have more confidence about your financial independence no matter what the future holds.

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