Cheapest Cities in Europe

Looking for a cool trip, but don’t want to spend too much? These cities make it easy to stick to your budget without missing out. 1. Budapest, Hungary Currency: Hungarian Forint (1 Forint = $0.0035 USD) Main Attractions: Budapest is known for being a “spa city,” so be sure to take advantage of the natural thermal baths. There are several noteworthy spa locations, so you can decide which one to choose based on proximity and hours. In addition, Heroes’ Square is a beautiful (and free!) landmark centrally located in the city. 2. Zagreb, Croatia Currency: Croatian Kuna (1 Kuna = $0.14 USD) Main Attractions: Tkalciceva is an area of Zagreb that boasts a great collection of restaurants, bars, and other representations of Croatian culture without becoming a stereotypically “tourist” spot. There’s also a whole slew of outdoor and nature activities (depending on the season), as well as beautiful architecture (all of which you can appreciate for free!). For the more eccentric traveler, the “Museum of Broken Relationships” is one of a kind, and admission can be combined with walking tour tickets for a better deal. 3. Prague, Czech Republic Currency: Czech Republic Koruna (1 Koruna = $0.04 USD) Main Attractions: Among the most iconic Prague attractions are the Charles Bridge its astronomical clock. Watching this mechanical clock turn to the next hour is a truly unique experience, as it is the best preserved medieval clock of its kind in the world. On perhaps the other end of the cultural spectrum, Prague is also well-known for its wide variety and quality of available beers, so be sure to stop in a local bar and check it out! 4. Lisbon, Portugal Currency: Euro (1 Euro = $1.07 USD) Main Attractions: Lisbon is a beautiful city, and anywhere within its borders is sure to be photo-worthy. If you’re looking for beaches, the once fishing-village of Cascais is only a 45-minute train ride away. Along with the charming town itself, it offers several distinct and stunning beaches. In addition, the Monastery of St. Jerome and Castelo de Sao Jorge are two architectural feats that are certainly worth seeing (at a low cost of admission!). 5. Berlin, Germany Currency: Euro (1 Euro = $1.07 USD) Main Attractions: The obvious main attraction of Berlin is the Berlin Wall. Few other places tell such an important and intriguing story as the ruins of the wall and surrounding museum. In addition, Mauer Park has a Sunday flea market that holds a goldmine for thrifty and creative shoppers. When you’re done, head to Reichstag, a government building with unique architecture for a (free!) view of the city from atop a glass roof.