Financial Advisor in Greenwich, CT

Greenwich boasts of being listed as one of the best places to reside within the state of Connecticut. Also, Connecticut is consistently listed as one of the best states you can reside in across the United States. You might be considering moving out of the New York City area to go to a quieter area, or perhaps you are residing elsewhere and want to move to Connecticut. If so, then Greenwich is an excellent place for you to think about since it’s one of the best places to live in the country.

A Little About Client Focused Advisors

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A Little About Greenwich, CT

While some might feel that Greenwich, CT is too far from New York City because it is located in a different state, Greenwich is a lot closer to the Big Apple than you might think. For instance, several express trains pass between Grand Central Station and Greenwich, spanning the distance in about half an hour. If you’ve ever commuted in the Big Apple, then you know that some locations take much longer than that to reach.

Greenwich has a massive commuter population, which shouldn’t be surprising since numerous train options and driving routes allow people to reach New York City easily. For example, four different train station locations can be found in town. Those include Cos Cob, Old Greenwich, Greenwich, and Riverside stations. Greenwich also has access to the Big Apple via the I-95 and Merrit Parkway, also known as Route 15, giving you a bevy of choices when you need to reach the city. Driving from Greenwich to Central Manhattan spans a little more than thirty miles if you travel by car.

In addition to being so close to the Big Apple, Greenwich also houses some of the best restaurants comparable to what you’ll find in New York City. There is a bevy of fine-dining options, including Rebecca’s, Polpo, L’escale, and Thomas Henkelmann’s Homestead Inn Restaurant. If you like gourmet food, then you’ll find several wonderful choices in the area. If you prefer more casual dining options, there is a wide variety of relaxed choices geared towards families.

If you have children or are planning to have a family, then Greenwich is a great place to be. Your children can enjoy the numerous parks to play at found throughout the town. One of the best park options is Greenwich Point Park, called Tod’s Point by locals. Here your family can enjoy a great picnic day and plenty of outdoor playtimes. If you’d rather picnic at the beach, then Greenwich Point features 147.3 acres of beachfront land and recreation areas that offer gorgeous views.

There are plenty of other famous public areas where you can have fun, including Babcock Preserve and the Greenwich Audobon Society. You can also visit the tiny Island Beach area by taking a ferry and enjoying a fun family outing. With so many public places to spend quality time with your family, it’s challenging to get bored in Greenwich.

Still, Greenwich, with so much to do and so much gorgeous scenery, is not an affordable place to live. The cost of living in this area is on average seventy percent higher compared to the rest of the state. Rent costs nearly three thousand dollars per month here for a family, and housing is over three-hundred percent higher than the countrywide average.

Tips to Finding a Good Financial Advisor in Greenwich, CT

If you are thinking about moving to Greenwich or retiring there, you need to find a solid financial advisor to help you with your investment portfolio. There are a few vital factors to consider when determining who you can trust with your financial planning and wealth management approach. For instance, before you pick a financial advisor, you need to review their advisor certifications, fee structure and comprehend their investment strategies and customer reviews (or client complaints).

Assessing how your potential financial advisor gets paid is a vital point to consider. You have two choices in this matter, which are fee-only financial advisors and fee-based advisors. It’s recommended that you select a fee-only financial advisor because that type of advisor only makes money based on client fees. So, that means this type of financial advisor makes money when you do, giving them the proper motivation to take care of your finances. Fee-based financial advisors, on the other hand, make money by selling products. Fee-only financial advisors are usually associated with groups requiring continuing education and training, like the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA).

If you are worried about transparency and motivation, then your best option is to select a financial advisor that uses a fee-only basis. This type of financial advisor won’t be likely to pressure you into buying a particular product. While picking a fee-only financial advisor doesn’t mean you’ll wind up with the best advisor for your needs, you’ll decrease the risks of experiencing a conflict of interest. So, you’ll want to ask your potential financial advisor how they structure their fees and make money.

You should also ask your potential financial advisor if they follow the process of fiduciary duty. If your financial advisor is an SEC-registered advisor, then that means your advisor is also a fiduciary. Financial advisors who apply the fiduciary duty must always do what they feel is best for their clients. Another way to ensure you select a solid financial advisor is to ask if they have experienced and disciplinary issues in the past. If you notice there are several issues, then you might want to opt for a different advisor.

As you consider your potential financial advisor choices, you’ll probably also see that there are different certifications held by the variety of advisors you’ll likely encounter. Most certifications are a wonderful sign and demonstrate your potential financial advisor’s education and experience, as well as their expert subject matters. Still, not all certifications in this industry are equal. Some financial advisors can receive certifications with little education or experience and pay a fee. 

The best certifications for a financial advisor require extensive training, a background check, experience, and continuous education. These certifications are the certified financial planner (CFP) and chartered financial consultant (ChFC). Financial advisors with these certifications have completed a lot of coursework and passed comprehensive exams. They also must have degrees and experience in their field to receive these certifications. Also, these certifications require financial advisors to utilize a code of ethics.

Still, other financial planning certifications exist that are also reliable. Regardless, when you are searching for a successful financial advisor, you should assess the certification of the individual you are considering and ask about the process the individual undertook to earn their certification. Both the CFP website and NAPFA’s website allow you to verify a potential financial advisor’s certifications.

Money Management in Greenwich, CT

If you’ve ever visited Greenwich, CT, you know why most United States residents view this as a wealthy location. With so many gorgeous beaches, great parks, and just a short drive away from the Big Apple, Greenwich, CT, exhibits wealth and class. However, if your fortune is a modest one and you aren’t wealthy, you’ll still need a decent financial planning guide to bolster your future success. Whether you have many investments or are just getting started, it’s a good idea to start focusing on building your savings, making sound investments, and ensuring your business’s strength.

If you plan on retiring in the Greenwich, CT area, you’ll need to realize the amount of money you spend now will directly impact your retirement savings. You don’t want your savings and investments to decrease or vanish slowly. You’ve worked hard to get your money, so you need to find a financial advisor that works for you.

Why Having a Good Financial Advisor Could Help

Finding safety when managing your finances and planning for your future is a great feeling. You might handle your financial plan well for now, but imagine how much a good financial planner can help you save for your future. If you want to live in Greenwich, CT, while you are retired, then you’ll need to plan for a higher standard of living.

If you already have a lot of assets, an excellent investment portfolio, and money in your savings, then you’ll want to protect your wealth for your future. That way, you’ll be stable financially by the time you retire. The best way to ensure your financial health and retirement is by hiring an excellent financial advisor. With a well-trained eye monitoring your money, you’ll be guided onto the correct path.