How To Save on Your Next Vacation

Here are some tips so you can get the most bang for your buck and make the memories of your next vacation last a lifetime!

Discover Your Member Perks

Instead of that abundance of plastic in your wallet costing you money all the time, make it work in your favor by finding out what discounts and rewards are associated with them. Bank of America, for instance, has a program called Museums on Us, where cardholders can visit partner museums on the first full weekend of every month for free. There are more than 150 participating museums across the country. A little research into what deals you already have in your wallet is totally worth it,

Download Apps to Find the Cheap Hot Spots

Popular apps like Foursquare and Scoutmob can help you locate one-off discounts, but how do you find establishments that offer regular deals? There are lots of lesser-known, free apps that can save you big money over the course of your trip. One of my favorites is Happy Hour Finder, which lists all the happy hours in the immediate area, what the deals are, and what day of the week those deals are available. This is an excellent way to find discount booze, as well as occasional free meals, without having to travel too far.

Leave the Toiletries at Home

Why are you packing shampoo, conditioner, soap, and toothpaste? Those items are readily available at most hotels for free. In fact, there are many hotel freebies that are ripe for the taking. The benefit of leaving the toiletries at home is two-fold: Not only will it preserve your own private stash, extending the life of each, but it also will reduce, albeit minimally, the weight of your bag when packing for vacation. With rising airline baggage fees, every little bit counts.  

Visit Your Destination’s Cultural Websites

How will you know what’s free or discounted if you don’t research your destinations’ cultural offerings ahead of time? Many museums, parks, and zoos that charge admission sometimes offer a free day or time period. If you can’t find that info on the site, don’t be afraid to pick up the phone and call them.

Purchase Daily Deals in Advance

Start monitoring daily deals from Groupon and LivingSocial in the city you’re traveling to. This is a brilliant idea for two reasons: First, it gives you a greater sense of what there is to do in the area (the tourism sites tend to list only the main attractions), and also, you’ll save far more than you would if you showed up to the attraction on any given day, even with a restaurant coupon

Go Grocery Shopping

Eating out every meal is costly. In fact, it can eat up more than half of your vacation budget if you’re not careful – even with dining discounts and certificates. If you have a small fridge within your accommodations, pick up a few easy-to-eat groceries like fruit, cereal, and sandwich ingredients. Eating before you head out for the day and packing