Huntington, NY Financial Advisor

If you live near or around New York’s Huntington beaches, you probably enjoy the scenery of this beautiful area. Both fishing and kayaking are popular forms of entertainment because of the many nearby beaches’ inviting nature. Still, since Hungtinton is so close to Manhattan and Long Island, it’s an ideal place to live, but not necessarily an affordable one. So, if you live in Huntington, NY, and you need to find a financial advisor, we have some important information for you.

A Little About Client Focused Advisors

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A Little About Huntington, NY

Several Huntington beaches are scattered across Northport, Centerport, Kings Park, Lloyd Harbor, Eatons Neck, and the surrounding Huntington community. The bevy of beaches found in Huntington are all intimate, tiny, and open during the summer months that span from May until September. During the daytime, several of the beaches also have lifeguards on duty.

One unique beach you’ll discover here is Asharoken in Northport. This beach is small and offers an intimate opportunity that features gorgeous views of the luxurious homes along the coast. Asharoken Beach is a popular family day spot, where families are often seen picnicking and engaging in fun water activities like kayaking, boating, and sailing.

Another popular beach located in the Northport area is Crab Meadow Beach. Crab Meadow Beach is also small but covers about one thousand feet of space. This beach is popular for its sandbars, making it a safe place for people who enjoy hanging out at the beach without going in the water. So, if you want some gorgeous scenery and a quiet beachfront area, Crab Meadow Beach is an ideal spot.

If you enjoy water sports like skiing, canoeing, or kayaking, then Crescent Beach’s unique, rocky shoreline makes it a great place for engaging in these types of water play. This beach is open only during the summertime. Lifeguards patrol the area during the daytime. Visitors will also find a nice picnic area and a playground, making it a very kid-friendly beach.

Another relaxing beach location in this area is Centerport Beach. Centerport Beach features two hundred and thirty feet of quiet beachfront access. Known for its relaxing environment, Centerport Beach is great for any person that enjoys finding a great beach spot to bask in and do some reading. 

The schools located near the Huntington beaches are also considered some of the country’s best. For example, nineteen of the public high schools in the area are among the best thousand in the United States. While your children will get a great education here, many people complain about the property taxes in this area since they are some of the highest you’ll see countrywide.

With all of these great beach locations, the beauty you’ll find in Huntington means this area isn’t the cheapest place in which to live. Housing in Huntington costs an average of two thousand dollars each month. There is a higher cost of living in Huntington, but that also means the average family monthly income increases to cover that standard of living. 

Tips to Finding a Good Financial Advisor in Huntington, NY

If you move to Huntington, NY, then you’ll need to consider hiring an effective financial advisor to balance out your family’s planning needs. There is a wide variety of financial advisors offering their services in this area. While that might seem like an advantage, it may also feel overwhelming when you try to narrow your decision down to one choice. If you seek a quality financial advisor in Huntington, NY, then review our tips below to ensure you make the correct decision for you and your family’s future.

Review the Different Types of Financial Advisors

Different types of financial advisors provide a variety of financial planning services. Some do not offer any investment management assistance. Still, other financial advisors can help you manage your investments, but they may offer little assistance when it comes to financial planning. Some financial advisors are experts in planning for retirement and are better options for planning their retirements. A few other financial advisors work on wealth accumulation strategies for individuals that do not plan to retire for another decade or two.

Typically, financial advisors offer one, two, or three types of services. These types of services are summarized below:

·   Financial planning services assess every part of your finances, including estimating how much you should save and address the insurance options you may want. Thus, financial planning services focus on much more than just your investments alone.

·   Retirement income planning services help you collaboratively structure all of your retirement needs into a plan. These needs include things like taxes, pensions, retirement dates, social security, and investments. If you work with a retirement income planner, you’ll be working towards having a retirement paycheck once your days working are over.

·   Investment advisory services help strategize various investment management options to determine what investments should be allotted to which accounts. An ongoing financial planning process can help you come up with the best investment plan.

Check the Financial Advisor’s Credentials

It’s vital to assess your potential financial advisor’s credentials before you hire the right one. Unfortunately, organizations exist that make it very easy for somebody to obtain a credential and act as a financial advisor with little experience. When it comes to trusting somebody with your money, you want to make sure that person has plenty of experience in investment strategies to grow your portfolio.

The most effective and well-known financial planners have their CFP (Certified Financial Planner) or a PFS (Personal Financial Specialist) designation. Investment advisors can also hold a CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) certificate. Financial planners that obtain these credentials must pass an exam to show they are proficient at their jobs. Financial planners with these credentials also follow an ethics policy and perform continuous education to maintain their certifications.

You can check to see if your financial advisor has membership status in The National Association of Personal Financial Advisors. This membership requires financial advisors to receive continuing education and ensure a proper level of training and education.

Another way you can assess a financial advisor’s credentials and quality before hiring one is to check their record status with the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), or with any other membership bodies that the potential financial advisor may be actively participating.

Money Management Huntington NY

Many people that have visited the Huntington, NY communities equate the area to wealth. Since the beachfront properties here are known to have luxurious properties, none of that should be surprising. Still, even if you have only a modest fortune or aren’t a member of the rich upper-class, you will need a solid financial planning strategy to ensure your future. Regardless of how much money you have now, it would be best if you still focused on increasing your savings, finding vital investments, and maintaining your corporation’s strength.

If you want to retire soon and live out the rest of your days in the Huntington, NY areas, then how much you spend will directly impact how much you’ll enjoy your retirement and for how long. The last thing you’ll want to experience is your savings and investment strategy slowly declining, or even worse, disappearing. Since nobody wants to stretch their savings and investments this way, and since you’ve worked diligently to get your money, you need to make sure you find something that works for you.

Why Having a Good Financial Advisor Could Help

People want to feel safe when they manage their finances and plan for the future. In some cases, you may do fine handling your financial plan. However, if you want to live in Huntington, NY, during your retirement years, then you’ll need to plan for an increased cost of living. That means you’ll be spending quite a bit of money during your retirement.

If you have several assets, a great investment portfolio, and a lot of money in savings, then you’ll want to make sure all of your wealth is protected. If you protect your wealth, then you’ll be well-off financially by the time you retire. The best way to protect the future of your financial health is to hire a wonderful financial advisor. That way, you’ll get an experienced eye examining your finances and helping to guide you on the right path.