Unless you are one of lucky few than have a fat wallet and bank account that resembles a phone number, odds are that you are always looking for ways to save a little extra here and there and grow your monthly income any way possible.  Beginning a taking on a side job in addition to your 9 to 5 job may sound like a daunting task but there are some creative and fun ways to earn that needed extra cash.  The following are some resource ways to increase your monthly income and decrease the anxiety that comes when opening your stack of bills at the end of each month.

Becoming a Driver

With the prominence of taxi-like services nowadays, there is always an opportunity to turn that car that is just sitting in your driveway into a money-making machine.  Apps like Uber and Lyft have changed that taxi industry for the customers as well as for the drivers.  If you do have a car that you can use, chauffeuring people to their next destination will not only earn you a pretty penny, but you will be able to meet new, interesting people and explore a part of town that you haven’t had the time or desire to.

Taking Care of Animals

There is a good chance that you know someone or have neighbors that have a dog or cat.  Taking care of these friendly creatures is not always an easy task especially for those who are continuously busy with work or who have a fondness for exploring the world.  A great way to earn that much-needed money is by beginning a dog walking or pet sitting service.  If you are an animal lover there is no better way to meet and play with dogs and cat.  Most pet owners will need someone to take care of their beloved pet during their next vacation or business trip. Start small, maybe walking a couple of dogs once a week, and gradually work your way up with more responsibility.  Many pet owners will pay you handsomely to make sure their canine or feline friend is in good hands.

 Creative Designs

If you are gifted with artistic talent this is definitely a side hustle you should consider getting into. There are many online websites that you will be able to sell your creative expertise to paying consumers.  For example, 99 Designs and Fiverr will allow you to generate designs for prospective clients and will pay you for your contributions.  This is a good way to not only augment your monthly revenue but it will allow you to exercise your creativity!

In the never-ending cycle of trying to succeed at your job, pay the bills, and enjoy life, finding enough time to dedicate to another job will not be easy.  If you are able to carve out the necessary time, trying one of these creative jobs would be a great place to start. Once accepting the responsibilities that come with each of the jobs becomes part of your routine, you will watch the cash pile up and the anxiety over that stack of bills will melt away.